The guy im dating has never had a girlfriend

And had never been kissed either I'm pretty sure. But he knew me through college, and had liked me for months. He talks one-to-one, but not in a group, so we hadn't talked that much, but when I broke my ankle and was in hospital for a week, we sent each other several long emails per day. At first I just put it down to him always being online But anyway, him having never had a girlfriend is fine. OK so he wasn't the greatest of kissers at first, but a that's not so very important, b he learnt And I don't feel I'm going to be compared unfavourably with lots of other girls, by him.

Follow 10 Id generally go for someone with a little experience. Follow 11 Follow 12 I think it depends on how old the boy is. If he is 32 or something, then it would be weird!

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There are guys of all ages who've never been out with a girl, usually because of crippling shyness. Sone stay virgins all their life even though they'd love to have a relationship with a lady, they just never pluck up the courage. I have no problem at all with inexperienced men in fact I think they're an untapped resource of talent!

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The shy guys get the impression that girls prefer arrogant men or 'players' because we ladies often sit back and let the men do all the work in pursuing us If - for one day only - shyness was abolished and the shy men all asked out a girl without fear of rejection, I think the world would be a very different place. DOI - I'm a single girl who's after a very shy man.

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Follow 14 Original post by Anonymous There are guys of all ages who've never been out with a girl, usually because of crippling shyness. Seeks Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Seeks. Follow 15 I didnt think there was a need to go anon on that post. Anyway ill reverse it, I dont mind an "experienced" girl, but I do agree that someone who hasnt been "around" is always nice. Sorry for the quotes I am struggalling to find suitable words". Anouther thing I find is that if the girl has not had as many boyfriends they tend to get closer to you, easier They aren't on the defensive as much.

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One thing at least I do know is getting with a girl just after they have been in a long relationship is never a good idea Follow 16 So, girls find guys that have never been in a relationship more attractive than those that have? Follow 17 The guy who has never had a girlfriend before is likely to cheat on you as the "grass is greener". Follow 18 Follow 19 Eddy Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Eddy Follow 20 If the girl was already into you, then yeah she probably would find it appealing, BUT, if she isn't attracted to you yet then it will almost certainly work against you.

You've got to remember that when you ask a girl this question, she picture's a guy she's attracted to, and how she'd react to it then, so of course she'd see it as a good quality.

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Dating a guy who's never had a girlfriend

GCSE resit results tomorrow - chat here. University of Cambridge Replies: King's College London Replies: Investment banking and consultancy Replies: Advice on everyday issues Replies: Grow your Grades Replies: Count to a million Part 35 Started by: Year 12 GYG Started by: Advice on applying for a job Replies: Oct 13, I got my girlfriend at She was my first and I was hers! PloCoon , Oct 13, Oct 15, AvidlyAthena , Oct 15, I have no words, because I can't stop laughing!

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TheDarkKnight , Oct 27, So the girls you've met and you have zero interests in common? My girlfriend doesn't like gaming, but she knows gaming is a huge interest of mine and still respects that.

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