Ethics of dating a student

Non-faculty professionals who belong to another organization that is nevertheless working closely with the university as part of a project for the current semester?

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When is a professor not a professor? When she is no longer employed at the institution? A professor dating a student at another school is not a conflict and is as ethical as if the person was not a student at all. Dating an ex-student comes close to or crosses the ethics line. Are you waiting for them to graduate to ask them out? Yes, this is pretty much where I came out when I dealt with that issue in You hit all the key points: As such, it seems improper to me for any current student to date any professor, regardless of proximity.

Does this make sense? I would think, however, that Ick Factor and yes it is mild Ick Factor at work aside, there is a limit on the ban.

Then does a time period apply? I think Ick Factor has alot to do with this. If we distill out all other ethical conundrums that may be influencing this — is the Student angling for some post-graduation recommendation? The ick factor is definitely at work for me. I guess that many of the teen-aged undergraduates and immature grad students immediately come to mind. I think I might object to it for the same reasons I object to them using their influence to push their politics. But ick factor is irrelevent for current students- that we know is already unethical.

I addressing the question of if after graduation is the ban lifted? Well, the ick factor is still there for me, but I suppose it would be hard to defend the position that dating between them when one no longer has ties to their former status is unethical. The ick factor also has to involve age. A forty-something teacher dating an 18 year-old high-school graduate or a 22 year-old college graduate just does not sit well with me. Screwing around pun intended with a younger still-being-formed mind in order to make yourself feel younger to me is ick personified.

For example, a 35 year old adjunct prof and a 20 year old student. Would it be OK for them to date after 40 years had passed, and they were 75 and 60 respectively? Based on an actual case I know of, that one. At my high school. One of those teachers had to get divorced to do it. Be grounds for a gunfight in mine. But I graduated from a high-school with a student graduating class.

You have to understand that schools have changed. The authoritarian model is no longer considered appropriate.


Now, teachers are supposed to be friends with their students. So, you have new, 22 year old teachers who are encouraged to be friends with teenage students. Relationships between teachers and students are now rampant. It seems like sleeping with students is part of the job description for the high school coaches. I have heard of students around here competing to see who can be the first to sleep with a new coach or teacher.

Someone I know had an affair with one of their high school students. The parents of the student were fine with it until the teacher decided not to divorce their spouse and marry the student,.

I had completely forgotten about those silly romance comic books, Jack. Where did you did up that picture? Sure- these things happen and likely always will. Lots of unethical, immoral and downright grim things happen with depressing regularity and have since before recorded history.

To legitimize liaisons between them is dead wrong. What if you are just having casual sex with someone before they become your student? Is it your responsibility to end the relationship? Is it the schools responsibility to not place them in your class? Or are the students morals under question for being in your class? Conflict of interest 2. Conflict of interest 3. Conflict of interest—and professors should be having any kind of sexual relationships with ANY students. The student is unethical. I agree with the statement that the culture is so much different now.

And what about the fact that professors back in the day 40s, 50s, 60s, etc used to date and marry students all the time! That was more than accepted; it was a very common practice. Many of my professors in college met, and often married, their wives while they were their students. So the original author here is just wrong to assert that professors dating students is wrong period, and always has been.

It has always been wrong. Why is it that whenever I think about professors dating their students, Woody Allen immediately comes into my mind, like a peeping Tom crawling through my window?

When you date a upsc student part 1

One thing you say is that all professors at a university have authority over all students. But supposing that they do have some authority, it is much less authority than they have over a student on the same degree programme. So there is a relevant difference between the two cases. But then where do you draw the line? You draw the line the same place businesses that are competent and ethical and other professions draw the line: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The ethics of TA/student relationships

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Is It Ethical For Professors To Date Students? | Ethics Alarms

A teacher always has superior power over any student by virtue of his or her position of authority, and it is an abuse of that power to use it to entice students into dates or bed… [It] is naive to ignore the extended conflicts such relationships create. Consenting Adult Tunnel Vision: The fact that unethical conduct worked out for one couple or fifty proves nothing about its ethical nature, unless we accept a consequentialist analysis. A possible record for ethics blindness comes from one commenter, who writes this stunner: They just make it easier.

It is unethical for professors to date students. December 28, at December 28, at 1: December 28, at 2: December 28, at 3: Finally, Forbidden Chemistry needs to consider the possibility that the object of his affections, if asked out, may decline. How awkward would that make their interactions in the context of the TA-student relationship?

So, Forbidden Chemistry wants to find a course of action where he can fulfill his professional and personal obligations, and one that brings about good consequences and minimizes bad consequences for himself, the object of his affections, the other students in the course, and the professor supervising him. Wait until the end of the semester, until the grades are out of your hands. This has the very best chance of keeping professional duties and personal duties from getting tangled up and pulling in opposite directions. If this happens, do not opt for stealth and try to keep it secret.

At a small college, the chances of actually keeping a secret like this are vanishingly small.

The policy and ethics of dating a professor

While Forbidden Chemistry and his beloved are avoiding hiding in the shadows, though, Forbidden Chemistry will need to take concrete steps to ensure fairness. In the lab, Forbidden Chemistry will want to keep track of troubleshooting time, to make sure all the students who need his help are getting a fair slice of that time.

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  • To make this easier on the prof, and to maximize the chances for objective grading across the students in the class, this means Forbidden Chemistry should grade all the other papers first; the prof can then use these graded papers as a guide to partial credit. There is a chance that the professor for the class will view this sort of effort to avoid a conflict of interest as responsible.

    There is also a chance that the professor for the class will view this sort of effort to avoid a conflict of interest as a pain in the ass for her. However, recall that the context already in place has Forbidden Chemistry grading friends. College life, especially at small residential colleges, tends already to mix business and pleasure. So maybe there is already good reason for professors to have discussions with their TAs about the general issue of how to manage professional and personal responsibilities when worlds collide. And, if Forbidden Chemistry ends up dating his student before the term is over, he and she must commit to keeping their interactions in the lab all business.

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    The TA could address the whole class about such things as what counts most, in lab write-ups.